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Mark Fiore’s winemaking career began in Walla Walla where he had relocated for work in 2008. At the time, he was a PGA Professional and had moved to help open a prodigious new golf course. During the summer of 2009, he spent much of his free time at local wineries and befriended a few winemakers who opened his eyes to the world of Washington wine. Mark became fascinated with the artistry, science, and marketing of the wine industry and this passion led him to a career change.

Mark worked two harvest seasons at Beresan and Balboa wineries, which led him to an all-encompassing job with Charles Smith Wines in August of 2011.  During Mark’s tenure at Charles Smith Wines, the company grew fast and furious.  Mark’s primary job of making wine for K Vintners grew to making wines for a variety other labels including Sixto, Latta Wines, Wines of Substance and B Leighton.  As well as other accolades, the 2017 Wine Spectator Top 100 granted them with the 2nd and 13th best wines worldwide.

The growth of these brands took Mark to Seattle in 2015 when Charles Smith Wines packed up its entire production in Walla Walla and moved across the state. During the time Mark was making wine with the company, production increased from roughly 9,000 cases per year to upwards of 35,000.  Throughout this time, Mark supplemented the experience he was gaining with formal education, completing all of the extension courses at UC Davis as well as taking educational trips to Portugal, Spain, and France.

Mark is excited for the opportunity at EFESTE to step out on his own and work to take the already fantastic wines to the next level.



Mark Fioré
Principal Winemaker



Interview with Mark Fiore, EFESTE Winemaker 

Enjoying a Wine Taste at EFESTE


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