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Library wines give us a chance to look back on our previous vintages after they’ve had some time in-bottle to integrate and age to perfection. Just like a library of books containing stories and tales from the past, our cellar holds a library or history, of our past vintages.

This allows us to look back and reflect on the challenges of previous harvests and see how those challenges affect the wines at various stages of aging and also demonstrates the age-worthiness of our winemaking process. Quality wines that are built to age can reward a patient wine-lover for decades to come. 

Customers have the opportunity to taste previous vintages of their favorite wines that have been properly cared for. It opens up a whole new world of learning to taste and experience the wine. As they age, acid levels decrease, tannins soften, the color changes, and the characteristics of the wine they maybe didn’t understand in its youth, have now softened and condensed, allowing them to experience the wine in a whole new light.

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