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Eight Great Party Ideas for Wine Lovers

New Year’s Eve Party

If you’re ringing in the New Year by hosting friends, here are some of our most popular recipes and wine pairings to kick off the evening. Any other time of year, consider this an “Appy Hour” party!

Gougères with Salmon Cream via Eat Seattle with Evergreen Riesling or Lola Chardonnay

Smoked Duck with Cherry Chutney on Crostini with Nana Bordeaux Style Red Blend

Flaky Herb and Cheese Filled Phyllo Triangles with Sauvage

Great Gatsby Party

To add some glam to a New Year’s Eve party, or any other night for that matter, take a look at our Great Gatsby inspired décor from our Prohibition party. Include a “secret password” in the invite that allows guests to gain entry at the door, play some jazz, and you are golden. Continue reading

The Easy Way to Host a Game of Thrones Viewing Party

Who says watching TV can’t be a social activity? Not us! It’s also a great way to host an unintimidating wine tasting. After all, this is a party meant for the over 21 set.


Let’s start with the wine! Our fun “Game of Rhônes” wine tasting set includes four Rhône style wines and four velvet bags. Put each bottle in a bag so that guests taste without knowing what each one is. Each person casts a vote for their preferred wine, revealing which house they are tied to!

Emmy represents House Baratheon, “Ours is the fury.”
Rustic, yet polished, the palate is evenly weighted, explosive, with gritty tannins and mouthwatering acidity.

Eleni stands for House Stark, “Winter is coming.”
Northern Rhone style, bright and fleshy with great intensity and persistence, and built to age.

Jolie Bouche symbolizes House Targaryan, “Fire and blood.”
An Elegant Red that is superbly Mediterranean in style and evenly weighted with bright Acidity and heaps of dark fruit.

Ceidleigh signifies House Lannister, “Hear me roar.”
Explodes with aroma and is well proportioned exemplifying great tannin and fruit weight balance.

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