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Five Wine and Food Pairings to Celebrate Spring

The arrival of spring means the release of new wines, the anticipation of warm evenings on the patio sipping rosé, and preparation for grilling season.

At EFESTĒ, our Wine Club spring release selections include the latest vintages of the Syrahs, Riesling, and the highly anticipated Estate Rosé. Here are some fun suggestions for pairing the wines with the food and holidays of spring.

Jolie Bouche Syrah (Boushey Vineyards, Yakima Valley)
Each sip of this vibrant red wine conjures up images of the Mediterranean in the form of cured meat, roasted olives, and crushed herbs. A successful pairing is as simple as matching the wine with food that mirrors those flavors. Plan your next dinner party around this easy yet impressive one dish meal.
The pairing: Tarragon Chicken

Eléni Syrah (Red Willow Vineyard, Yakima Valley AVA)
This concentrated red wine offers an intense freshly ground espresso bean note that adds massive appeal. On the palate, the wine is full and complete, possessing soft, yet present tannins backed by trademark minerality. An opulent wine like Eléni is perfect for holiday celebrations such as Easter and Mother’s Day so turn to an equally impressive dish that can feed a crowd such as this one from the American Lamb Board.
The pairing: Celebration Leg of Lamb Continue reading

Pairing Food with Cabernet Sauvignon Based Wines


Whether you’re trying to find a match for a Cabernet Sauvignon based blend such as our Tough Guy, or 100% Cabernet Sauvignon such as Big Papa, the the flavor profiles are very similar and the principles are the same. Both styles have a lot of weight. In the winter, that makes them the perfect partner for the kind of heavy winter food that is intended to warm us up and provide comfort in the absence of summer. When the sun finally comes out, it’s the ideal time to fire up the barbecue, grill some hamburgers or steaks, and uncork a big red to stand up to the big flavors.

Match the wine with food using similar or contrasting flavors:
♦ Blackberry ♦ Black Raspberry ♦ Chocolate ♦ Coffee ♦ Black Cherry

Use one of these base ingredients:
♦ Beef ♦ Lamb ♦ Venison ♦ Buffalo ♦ Veal ♦ Duck

And/or use these bridge ingredients:
♦ Basil ♦ Bay Leaf ♦ Garlic ♦ Rosemary ♦ Walnuts
♦ Rich Sauces ♦ Black Olives ♦ Balsamic Vinegar

Use these cooking techniques:
♦ Grilling ♦ Roasting ♦ Braising ♦ Stewing

Try dishes including beef stew, osso bucco, short ribs, spaghetti and meatballs, rack of lamb, roast beef, or hamburgers.

Efeste Big Papa