Festive and Easy Party Decor


Take a look on Pinterest for New Year’s Eve or holiday decor, and you’ll see a lot of glitzy silver sequined table cloths. Personally, we don’t own any, and doubt that most people really do. Instead, we look for other creative ways to add glitz and glam. For example, our “masked ball” table top décor includes silver chargers, velveteen masks, and glittery silver candles. The elements for this theme are all in the same color family, giving the table a cohesive, elegant look that would work well for a New Year’s Eve dinner party. It could even be an option for a grown up Halloween party.


Here’s an idea from our fun Prohibition party that also works well for a Gatsby influenced event. Turn empty wine bottles into centerpieces by spray painting them silver. After the paint dries, insert ostrich feathers. Take some wine glasses and drape them with strings of costume pearls. Set everything on a silver runner, and it’s party time!


To create a festive table for New Year’s Eve that’s got a sense of humor, complement some shiny baubles with a touch of whimsy. Transform a wine chiller into a centerpiece by draping it with gold beaded garland. The top hat, bow tie, and mask are photo props which also serve as an ice breaker for guests.


For special dinners at the winery, we like to create a classic table top by starting with a crisp, white cloth. Add a decorative runner, candle holders and candles of varying heights, and some flowers. For a personal touch, set printed menus atop napkins. The menus serve as a conversation starter as well as a nice keepsake.

Enjoy putting your personal spin on these four tried and true concepts that are sure to delight guests at your next party!