At EFESTĒ we believe that great wines are based on two simple principles: terroir and a minimal winemaking approach. We utilize native fermentation, which encourages more complexity and produces fuller, richer wines than those inoculated with commercial yeast. The natural yeast within the grapes creates flavors unique to each particular vineyard. We encourage character; great wines should have personality.

EFESTĒ, pronounced F-S-T, is an acronym for the winery’s original three founders: Ferrelli, Smith, and Taylor. Their idea to make 2 barrels of wine based on the Ferrelli annual tradition of winemaking has since evolved into a family label.

In 2012, Peter Devison joined the team as winemaker, immediately getting accolades for his aromatic white wines. Peter is dedicated to our style of crafting wines with minimalist techniques, such as native fermentation, to encourage complexity and full, rich wines.